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 How to destroy a computer in an internet cafe....

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How to destroy a computer in an internet cafe.... Empty
PostSubject: How to destroy a computer in an internet cafe....   How to destroy a computer in an internet cafe.... EmptyMon Jun 01, 2009 10:59 am

Ahh...for educational purpose only.............

Almost all internet cafes today have Deep Freeze...but what is deep freeze??


Deep Freeze, by Faronics, is an application suite for Linux, Mac OS X,
and Microsoft Windows. Deep Freeze gives administrators the ability to
protect the core operating system files and configuration files of an
environment without eliminating the usability for (most) end users.

To know more about Deep Freeze ------>

To know if the computer that you are using is in a Deep Freeze Frozen State...
you should see a icon at the bottom right side of your desktop that looks like this----->>>>
How to destroy a computer in an internet cafe.... DeepFreeze

If you see this icon....the computer is in a frozen state....meaning.....
if you will install any software or if you will save any documents in
the PC...a simple restart will erase all things that you saved when you
are using it.....

DeepFreeze has a password....but how can you disable this????

first go to the bios menu....i'm sure you all know where it is.....

-----> when you start your del button until the menu goes blue.....

Change the year 2 years earlier from the present...

the year now is 2009-----change it to 2007
then continue the start up.....

the next thing that you will do is to shut the DF5serv.exe <---this
can be found in the process list when you press ctrl+alt+del button
when you are in the desktop...
question---> what if the task manager is disabled by the admin??
download this:

after finding the process DF5serv.exe...
end its process......

NOTE: If you will not change the date in the bios...
when you'll try to kill the DF5Serv.exe, the computer will tell you
that DF5Serv.exe will not be accessible or it is access denied.....

if the kill process is successful, now you should uninstall the can uninstall it by downloading this:

Here comes the interesting part.....

Ask yourself....

how can you destroy or how can you make a corruption in the system software??

Simply by virus.......

want an interesting virus???

Download this:

Here is my evil little buddy. Features:

*Disable Task Manager

*Disable Registry Editor

*Disable MS Config

*Disable Command Prompt

*Disable Explorer

*Disable Shutdown

*Disable 'taskkill'

*Beeps every 100 ms

*Displays a black screen every 2 seconds

*Message Box Bomb

*Adds itself to startup

*Closes/Opens CD-Rom every 100 ms

*Hides Cursor

*Disable Ctrl-Alt-Dlt


or if you want.....

delete the computer's explorer.exe that is found in C:/WINDOWS/explorer

or pwde ring kau ang magdesign ng virus nyu using this virus tool kit...

download here:


You've destroyed the system of a computer in an internet cafe....

Guys....educational purpose lang pu ito ha???

maawa pu kayu sa mga may ari ng internet cafe....

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How to destroy a computer in an internet cafe....
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